Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association

healthinsuranceOn February 24, 2015, Leora Ardizzone, Board Member of the SCWBA, and of counsel to Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, PC presented a CLE entitled Health Law for Non-Health Lawyers; A Minefield for the Unwary.  Leora’s program focused on the practice of health law in representing health care providers in a variety of transactions including office leases, employment agreements and practice sales, among others.
Leora made very clear that health law is not one body of law but touches on so many different areas of law, many of which need to be considered to appropriately represent the health care provider.  She pointed out to the attendees that any number of transactions that are permitted in any number of businesses, but in many health practitioner transaction may be illegal.  Attendees expressed surprise at how riveting the subject matter was and credited Leora’s method of instructions using hypotheticals to illustrate how simple transactions can lead to very severe complications if not handled appropriately.
The program was held at the Suffolk County Bar Association and a light dinner was served.  The program ran for two hours and earned its attendees two skills credits.